Our class, 2.A, attended a program which is organized by the European Union – Erasmus plus. The project, which we were invited to, was held in Zabawa, Poland from the 11.6. till 18.6.2018. Let’s just say that it was an amazing week.
Our fist day was a little bit uncomfortable because we didn’t know anyone but by the end of the day we met new people our age. They were from Hungary and Poland so we practiced our English in real life conversations. We became friends real quick and that lasted until the last day.

We also did different activities that had one aim – Rediscovering traditional skills. We learned how different traditional tools/machines were used and to top it all off how to say them in the four different languages. We also did a survey during our trip to Tarnow on peoples’ knowledge to our topic.
We also visited Krakow where we saw different sights such as the Vavel castle, the historic town square and much more. What’s more, we attended an interactive traditional skills themed market. In conclusion, this trip was a one to remember. We developed new friendships which we hope will last forever.
— Class 2.A